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Individual or couple private lessons

Private classes are a great opportunity to improve your dancing, and with over fifteen years of teaching experience I can readily provide you with tools and exercises to rapidly improve your technique and understanding. My private lessons are designed to enrich and clarify your dancing and technique and in each individual class I focus on those aspects of your dance which you need to work on as an individual. I also give private lessons for absolute beginners, preparing them to start dancing in a Milonga and/or attend a group class. My private classes can be arranged for individuals, couples or a small group of people. Some students have one every so often and others have weekly hour or two-hourly classes.

Classes can be flexible depending on your needs. Feel free to send me an email to arrange your private class!


1 HOUR PRIVATE TUITION £96 (including room hiring cost shared basis)

PACKAGE 3 CLASSES FOR £258 (including room hiring cost shared basis)


Have a peek at my one-to-one classes

The video on the left shows a private class for follower; the video on the right shows a private class for leader. 



Dante is an excellent teacher, both in his group classes and in one-on-one lessons. He combines a natural gift for knowing how to move with a highly-developed critical (yet sympathetic!) eye, honed over a long career of teaching. In recent years I've noticed that he has acquired deep knowledge of anatomy and different styles of tango, which has improved his teaching yet further. Not every tango teacher can claim to be a World Championship finalist! I highly recommend Dante for helping leaders and followers on their tango journey.

Dante is the best teacher I have had for group or one to one classes. I have been learning to lead and follow tango for 5 years;  the first following lesson I had with him I was devastated as I realised how much I had to learn (having thought I was reasonably good!) but he never made it feel personal. He goes over the smallest move or quality of dancing until you get it, where a lot of teachers tend to generalise. He can break down the constituents of a move or technique while never losing sight of the bigger picture. He drives the lesson forward ambitious on your behalf, unstinting of himself. He has amazing musicality and creativity and its fun.

I would wholeheartedly recommend taking private classes with Dante. I have found Dante’s lessons to be a extremely valuable. Dante’s lessons have helped improve my dance in a number of areas: technique, musicality & cadence. Each lesson has been concise and well-articulated. Furthermore, Dante’s patience, encouragement and teaching style have made each lesson enjoyable as well as beneficial.  Whether you are interested in a one-off lesson or longer-term coaching - I believe Dante can provide excellent tuition and aid you in becoming a better dancer.

I have learnt so much from classes with Dante. He really focuses on the abilities of the person he is dancing with, so can give you precise technical corrections but will also push your dancing further than you thought you were capable of.

The classes are a happy balance of working on details without forgetting how joyful dancing can be. His tango knowledge is huge and he encourages his students to dance and explore tango in a way that suits them as individuals. We are lucky to have such a great dancer and teacher based here!




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