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Wedding Dances

Wedding Embrace

Imagine yourself, on your most important day, standing in the middle of the dance floor about to start the most beautiful show that you can give to your guests. There is no dance more passionate, romantic, elegant and magical as the Tango. We will help you choose the perfect track and prepare a suitable and stunning choreography for you. Make your wedding dance unforgettable!

In preparation for your wedding dance we will teach you the basics of tango and prepare an individualized choreography for you with the music of your choice. There are various options for you to choose from in order to prepare you for your wedding dance.  The option that you choose in the end will very much depend on how much time you have until your wedding and your previous dance experience.
We recommend to all couples that they attend group lessons, if at all possible, as this will give you a feel for tango and an appreciation of the basic technique.  You can attend these group lessons before or at the same time as taking private lessons. We offer three different packages, each of which include varying numbers of private and group classes.  Before we start teaching you your choreography in the private classes we will also meet to discuss the clothes, shoes and space in which you will be dancing on your wedding day and the music you would like to dance to, so that we can make your wedding dance perfect for you!
If you would like a wedding dance that is a bit different, we can also prepare a choreography which will include other people, for example if you would like your bridesmaids to join you at some point during the dance. We can also arrange to meet with your wedding photographer/cameraman to give them instructions on to how to photograph/film your wedding dance most effectively. We are also available to perform at weddings.

I have packages tailored to your needs, time and location, Please send me an email for more information to



Claire & Brendan

Hi Dante, Here are a couple of photos from our dance - one of our friends filmed it as well but we don't have that footage yet. Yes we would absolutely recommend you to others. We really enjoyed our lessons and are very happy with how it turned out on our wedding day! We received so many compliments, and had a lot of fun! You struck the right balance between impressive moves and simple choreography. We were also happy that you were able to accommodate our own music choice - even though it wasn't strictly an Argentinian tango song! Thanks again!

wedding dances 2.jpg

Jayne & Richard

Our dance at the wedding was so much fun. Everybody told us how impressed they were and we got some laughs too! Thank you so much for working with us, managing to instil the basics of tango into our unco-operative bodies and making a dance that was so personal to us. Your skill at creating something easy enough for beginners to dance but fancy enough to look good and impress is quite miraculous! We had a lot of fun in the lessons and you struck a great balance of technique instruction and humour, meaning we could work and progress, laughing rather than despairing at some of our efforts! And it all came to a great finished product. We would definitely recommend anybody considering the idea to jump in and give it a go!

wedding dances 3.jpg

Rachel & Pete

We would both like to say a huge thank you for our dance tuition prior to our wedding.  Our dance to Por Una Cabeza was a huge success!   Thanks to you, we remembered every step but more than that we really enjoyed it -  and so did all our guests.


You were the perfect teacher for us - patient and very creative and you made it all such fun.  Please find attached  a photo from our last pose, with Rachel in her romantic, full-skirted dress!   We loved every second of our dance.


Please feel free to edit the photo and use on your website etc as you wish.


Thanks very much Dante,


Rachel and Pete

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