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Individual or couple  progressive private lessons

Private classes are a great opportunity to improve your dancing, and with over fifteen years of teaching experience I can readily provide you with tools and exercises to rapidly improve your technique and understanding. My private lessons are designed to enrich and clarify your dancing and technique and  in each individual class we focus on those aspects of your dance which you need to work on as an individual. I also give private lessons for absolute beginners, preparing them to start dancing in a Milonga and/or attend a group class. My private classes can be arranged for individuals, couples or a small group of people. The package is design  in a set of three sessions, making each class  progressive, developing technique and fluidity in the dance, covering all Tango, Milonga and Vals (tango waltz).

I am looking forward to meeting you and work together, let's push your dancing to the next level!  To book a set of classes just email me to 

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