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Dear Tangueros/as,

I am opening my own Tango School in West London (Zone 1) a place dedicated exclusively to Argentine Tango.

My idea is not only to have a place for my own classes and activities but to make it a communal meeting point for all Tango lovers and colleagues.  As a Tango Teacher in London, I have always struggled to find affordable and available venues to work on a regular basis, and as a Milonga organizer I struggle also with expensive costs of hiring facilities, competing against other big events organisers, weddings and corporate events. 

With this Tango School, everyone will have an opportunity to access the premises which will be 100% conditioned for Tango, quality sound system, smooth dance floor, our very own bar and in a very central, accessible location.


The school will offer classes, practicas, milongas, cafe concerts, Argentinean folklore dance classes, Spanish classes, music classes ("bandoneon" among others), and a Tango library, as just a few of the many activities planned. 

It will be available to hire for dancers and teachers at very affordable places, because our aim is to make this amazing venue, our shared Tango Club in London. 

As you can imagine, the costs and risk of starting a project such as this in a very expensive city like London, are enormous, this is why I am offering for the very first time this unique offer in order to obtain the upfront capital to help ease the initial cost.

My package is designed for dancers wishing to improve their dancing. With my 16 years dancing experience, normally each One-to-One class in London costs £85/hour. However, with my limited time only package, you will get four One-to-One private classes for just t£200, that would mean £50 per class, resulting in a near 60% saving!

The classes will be arranged by our mutual availability and held at the New Tango School.


Hope you can get on board and be part of this amazing project that I am certain will make a huge difference in the London Tango Community. 

To take part of this adventure just email me to to receive payment options.


Un abrazo! 

Dante Culcuy 

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